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Let me introduce you to my brand f & j fouta & accessory


I have lived in Tunisia for 20 years and I would like to make the miracle of Tunisia's heritage visible on the European market. I deal with creativity and work with skilled craftsmen in a small manufactory who work according to my design. Together we create traditional fouts, baskets, bedspreads,… Recently I have also been involved in interior design. I have been offered small wooden furniture, ceramics,… and other interior accessories are currently being added.

Fouta is a traditional Tunisian bath towel, which is made in our studios.


Fouta has also been widely used in interiors. The larger size is popularly used as a bedspread or sofa cover. Fouta of smaller dimensions replaces, more and more, also classic towels in our bathrooms.


Its original use is in the Hammam spa, but due to its properties and various variations, it has a much wider use.


It perfectly replaces a regular towel for the beach or the pool and can also serve as a pareo. Fouta has many advantages: it absorbs water well and dries quickly. It is convenient to carry and travel because it is versatile and light.


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