The ordered goods are often sent within 7 business days starting from the day following the order confirmation and no later than 10 business days. If for some reason, we are not able to meet binding deadlines (article out of stock), we will inform you immediately.

  1. Delivery means:

The parcel will arrive within the following 72 hours, through DHL delivery services. You will be informed on the day of shipment of the goods.

In the case of delivery by DHL, you will be required to provide an address where you can be reached during office hours (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.). If it is at your workplace, it would be better to indicate the company name and address.

  1. The receipt of the goods by the carrier:

If purchaser finds any defects of the delivered goods or parcel, he should inform the company f&j fouta & accessory by email on or by phone on: +216 23 345 515 who will resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If this procedure is not carried out as described, you may not, under any circumstances, be compensated or the missing goods replaced.

The recommended steps for the damaged parcel which is received:

If the parcel is not defective, and the recipient accepts it, it becomes the buyer property. Upon receipt of the goods, any other complaints about damages have to be dealt with the carrier.

The recommended steps concerning the damaged parcel are as follows:

The buyer is responsible for checking immediately the parcel content and any damage should be reported immediately to the carrier within 3 days after delivery. It is important to keep the original package with its content and outer circumference.

In both cases, we suggest you contact the carrier, to contribute significantly to complete positively the request.

In case of issues with the carrier, please contact us by phone or email; we are here to help you!

  1. Delivery Problems

For parcel shipping, we engage external transport companies. It is possible that in case of delay in delivery with regard to date initially fixed, please contact us and we will check where your parcel is at that moment.

If the transportation company lost your parcel, please contact us immediately to claim the lost article and to send you a new one.