What is a fouta?

A fouta is originally used in Tunisia as a bath towel. The traditional fouta is made of cotton and measures one by two meters. Found in a variety of colors and patterns: plain, striped or patterned, there are two kinds of weaving: flat or honeycomb. It is a wonderful heritage, which tends to be more and more exported. A large proportion of the production is exported to Europe.

How is the Fouta made?

The fouta is an artisanal product, made by workers on semi-mechanic looms that require considerable efforts, and typically women carry out the finishing touches.

Where to use a fouta?

Soft and weight light, the fouta is the perfect replacement for your beach towel. Very suitable to take with you anywhere. It also can be used as a sarong. At the beach, choose a honeycomb fouta, which provides better absorption and dries more quickly than flat foutas. In addition to being a beach accessory, the fouta is more frequently used as a tablecloth. Particularly, the flat fouta can bring life to any spring table. The fouta is replacing the classic towel in the bathroom. The larger size one is used as a bed throws or sofa throw. For those who feel the cold a lot, it is transformed into blanket on summer evenings.