Shawl weaving is entirely manual.

First, raw material is prepared, then comes the weaving and finally fringes and bobbles are rolled.

Everybody has their task within a craftsman family. Women weave, men deal with wool and the rolling of fringes and bobbles.

The activity reperesents the main resources for a craftsman family.
I support the work of the craftsmen and I join the fair trade.

It gives the opportunity to provide for their families and Europe can thus experience their know-how.

Shawls are 100% made of sheep wool with the dimension of approximately  70×160×180 cm.Each piece is unique. Having its little flaws it holds its craft side.

One will never go unnoticed with this accessory and a woman will distance herself from an ordinary one. Thanks to its original aspect the shawl will warm you up in the evening.

To complete this range we offer to weave custom-tailored plaid blankets or curtains of all sizes.