Lamp shade “Qobba”


This year’s trend… back to nature!

Lamp shade “Qobba”  is worked from the rope of the palm tree braided in the form of a dome. “Qobba” comes from Tunisian handicrafts. This natural lamp brings exoticism and makes us travel! Ideal when suspended in the living room, in a bedroom or on a terrace! Inside the “Qobba” is a metal hull and it comes without the electrical system. A ring in the middle of the metal construction allows it to be attached to a hook on the ceiling.

Size: Height cc 60 cm, circumference cc 90 cm and diameter cc 27 cm

Halfah grass lamp shade


This year’s trend… back to nature!

Braided pear shaped halfah grass shades are made in the town of Kasserine, 300 km west of the capital Tunis. Kasserine is the center of halfah grass harvest and production of halfah grass pieces.

This natural lamp shade brings exoticism into every home!

It is ideal in the dining room, in the bedroom or on the terrace! Supplied without electrical system. The handle allows it to be attached to a hook in the ceiling.

Dimensions: height 45 cm, circumference of the outer part 100 cm

In stock: 1 piece in fuchsia color