Basket “Miracle”


My little “Miracle” is here for you!

In Tunisia and around the Mediterranean Sea, 3 basic plant fibers grow: bulrush, halfah grass and palm trees. From these three fibers, baskets are made.

Nabeul is Tunisia’s first tourist center for weaving baskets and making soles and carpets from bulrush.

The “Miracle” basket is hand knitted from 3 different materials: bulrush – “smaar” in Arabic, halfah grass and cotton stripes.

For the first time in Tunisia, we created a basket where halfah grass and cotton stripes were knitted into the bulrush. The basket exists in 6 natural halfah grass colors: orange, burgundy, blue, green, pink and brown.

Inside of the basket is a cotton drawstring liner with a small pocket. I decorated the basket with a hand-knitted tassel.

In stock: 1 piece in dark blue, 1 piece in green,

Length: 35 cm

Width: 13 cm

Height: 24 cm

1 in stock