Basket “Shems” الشمس


Basket “Shams” الشمس in translation (sun) is from my new collection designed by jana home. The idea is a mixture of two materials, two cultures and two origins like my name “jana”, which has Slavic and Arabic soils. From this idea came a basket “Shams” that resembles me. The basis is natural fiber bulrush,  a strap made of cotton with a motif of Slovak folklore and embellished with natural fiber halfah grass. He was weathered in the village of El Hamma near the town of Gabes in southern Tunisia and finished in a small studio by my craftsman Hajer, who, according to my drawing, can finish the whole basket.

“Shems” has a red lining, inside on one side there is a pocket that can fit the keys, and a mobile phone and lining can be closed on a string.

The basket has an interesting rectangle shape.

Size: Length: 40 cm , width: 13 cm and height 25 cm

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