Empty-pocket bowl “Asma”


The empty-pocket bowl  “Asma” has a primitive pattern . “Asma” is a unique work of potters from the village of Sejnane, located in the hills of northern Tunisia.

The Sejnane ancient tradition of creating pottery with all-natural materials is a UNESCO World Heritage and is handed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter.

The decoration is a naïve art, composed of stylized motifs in natural color or colored in black representing animals, fish, bird, turtle, camel, snake and also geometric, checkerboard, broken lines, wavy, circular and vegetal, palm tree.

The motifs of a naïve art, unconventional form made through their imagination and creativity of these pottery will bring to your interior character and authenticity.

The decorative and functional primitive pattern bowl will definitely find their place in every living room.

Dimensions: diameter 16,50 cm and height 5,5 cm

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