Exclusive pillows made of 100% wool


New f & j collection spring 2020! 

The pillows are hand woven and hand embroidered in our atelier in Tunisia. 

Pillows made of 100% wool have found wide use in interiors. They are commonly used as an accessory to bed covers or sofas. Woven pillows are a beautiful decoration for every home and an excellent idea to make any apartment or house even cosier. 

For every 2 pillows, a bedspread of the same color is offered, too. 

Available in the following colors: 2 x gold and 2 x silver. 

The price includes only a pillow case. If you would like to purchase an inner pillow, it is available for 4 Euros (machine washable). 

Size: 40x40cm 

Material: 100% wool 

Method of production: weaving, hand embroidery

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