“Tanit” bowl


This large “Tanit” bowl is a unique work of potters from the village of Sejnane, located in the hills of northern Tunisia.

Tanit was a Punic and Phoenician goddess, the chief deity of Carthage alongside her husband Baal-Hamon. The symbol called the sign of Tanit was related to this goddess. The proximity of the sign with the Egyptian anse cross (ankh) was put forward, the linkage of Punic Carthage with the pharaonic civilization can corroborate this origin. It was perceived as a representation of the connection of the terrestrial or chthonic world with the celestial world, the two raised branches being two arms raised in prayer. The motif has also been interpreted as having an apotropaic purpose, the Punics being eager to protect themselves from the evil eye.

The unique shape of the “Tanit” bowl will bring character and authenticity to your interior.

The decorative and functional bowl will definitely find its place in every living room.

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