Trapeze vase “Hinen”


Collection “Baydha – بيضاء” by f & j !

The trapeze vase “ Hinen ” is from the new white collection named “Baydha – بيضاء” (white)!

“ Hinen ”  is a magnificent masterpiece of the women of the village Sejnane located in the hills of northwestern Tunisia. The potters of this region have inherited and preserved from generation to generation since antiquity this ancestral “know-how” which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The unconventional shapes made from their imagination and creativity of these pottery will bring character and authenticity to your interior.

Decorative and functional, this “ Hinen ” vase will find its place in many rooms in your home.

The white color is obtained by the old technique of polishing terracotta with shells.

Dimensions: height 13 cm circumference 73 cm


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