Terms & conditions

Trade conditions

Supplier f&j fouta & accessory is not VAT payer.
Purchasing procedure

1.    General provisions
By making the order, the buyer accepts the Terms and Conditions for the supply of goods declared by the seller. Relations of the buyer and seller are governed by these Terms and Conditions which are binding for both parties, unless the contract expressly provided something else. Terms and Conditions further define and clarify the rights and obligations of the seller f&j fouta & accessory and its customers (buyers) and in their current wording they make up the content of the contract (about supply of goods), respectively, they are the integral part of it.

If a permanent contract in written form is not negotiated between the parties, the seller shall deliver the goods on the basis of electronic order and customer specifications (order delivered by electronic mail) on the form which is available when ordering from the online store.

2.    Subject of the contract
The subjects of the contract are only the items specifically stated in the contract – order (hereinafter referred to as goods). The dimensions, prices and other data contained on our websites are binding data, unless expressly stated otherwise in the contract. F&j fouta & accessory (hereinafter referred to as seller) undertakes to deliver to its customers:

• goods in accordance with the specification or with characteristics common to the type of goods
• (goods) conforming with the standards, rules and regulations applicable in the territory of Slovak Republic

3.    Ordering of the goods, contract conclusion
a) The condition of the validity of electronic order is the filling of order form. The order is a draft contract. For the conclusion of the contract it is not required to formally confirm the order by the seller, the contract is then formed by the delivery of the goods.

4.    The price and payment
Offer prices listed on www.fjfouta.sk are valid at the moment of ordering.

The prices of the goods are listed including VAT. When ordering up to 50 Euros we charge the shipping costs to the prices in the amount of 3,90 Euros. When ordering over 50 Euros, the shipping will be free. We do not charge handling fees. The invoice issued on the basis of order serves simultaneously as a tax document. The receipt of the goods by the buyer is possible only after its full payment, unless agreed otherwise.

5.    Delivery time
The delivery time is running from the date of reception of a binding order on the condition of receiving all the documents required for timely completion of the order. In case that the goods are in stock, the seller undertakes to expend it or hand it over to the carrier within 10 working days. The delivery time shall be extended appropriately to the circumstances if the delay is due to the force majeure or circumstances not caused by the seller. If the item is not in the stock, the delivery time is within 30 days.

6.    Transport terms
The delivery time is within 7 working days from the date of shipment of the order by the carrier. The buyer is obliged to take the goods from the carrier, to check the integrity of the packaging and in case of any defects to immediately notify the carrier. The invoice and tax document are attached to the package.

7.    Return policy
The buyer is entitled to return the goods and to withdraw from the contract in accordance with the Act no. 108/2000 Coll., without giving any reason within 7 working days. The warranty period runs from the date of transfer of the goods to the buyer or end user. The seller provides a guarantee for the quality and completeness of the delivery. The goods come with the guarantee of 24 months. If the buyer finds the defects when being delivered the goods which are not compatible with its functionality, utility and aesthetic properties, it must notify, in written form, by registered mail to the address of the branch f&j fouta & accessory, Dr Clementisa 1220/9, Brezno, 97701 and without undue delay, but not later than 3 days from receipt of goods. The complaint letter must contain the date of delivery of the goods, the product name, amount claimed, description of the defect, address and telephone number. The seller is obliged to comment on the complaint within 10 days from the date of its receipt.

Before sending an order, please verify carefully the dimensions of required goods, as well as its colour and quantity. Through binding order, the buyer is responsible for the stated data and any possible complaints will not be taken into consideration.

9.    Final provisions
These Terms and Conditions apply as stated on the website of the seller on the date of sending electronic order, unless agreed between the parties, in written form, on something else. If the buyer sent an order after a day in which there was a change in the conditions it applies that the buyer agrees with the change. The withdrawal is effective at the moment of its receipt by the seller but it does not apply to consignment already transmitted to the carrier. By sending an electronic order the buyer accepts without reservation, all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions in force at the date of sending the order, as well as the buyer accepts the price of ordered goods of the date of sending an order (including, if necessary, dispatch and transport costs) shown in the price list on the website, unless in the particular case demonstrably agreed otherwise. Through the sent order (draft contract) the buyer is for a specified time for the delivery of goods irrevocably bound.